Summer Reading Club


Adventure Begins at Your Library!

June 8 - August 3


  • Who can participate in Summer Reading Club?
    • Anybody can participate! We encourage kids, teens and adults to read this summer to win prizes!
  • How do we get started?
  • What are the prizes this year?
    • Kids, teens and adults get prizes at the half-way mark (6 hours) and then get entered to win a raffle prize when you complete your Reading Tracker (12 hours). 
      • Kid 6-hour prize: binoculars
      • Teen 6-hour prize: collapsible water bottle
      • Adult 6-hour prize: keychain flashlight
      • 12-hour raffle prizes: Bluey Basket, Jungle Adventure Lego Set, Creative Arts Basket, Game Stack, Tonie Box, Bike, Self-Care Basket, Gaming Headset, Kindle, Corvette Lego Set, Record Player, Richwood Gift Card Tree, Explore Ohio Bundle, Book Lovers Basket, Stanley Tumbler
  • How many Reading Trackers can I submit?
    • You can turn in as many Reading Trackers as you'd like! Each additional Reading Tracker earns you another entry into the raffle. 
  • What do I have to read?
    • You can read whatever you'd like! Books, graphic novels, magazines, newspapers, all counts toward your reading goal.