Local History Room

About the Local History Room

Entrance to the History Room

The Local History Room is located slightly to the right after entering through the front doors of the library. The room contains the local history of Richwood as well as books on surrounding counties, federal records, genealogy and a microfilm machine. The objective of the room is to provide patrons with local history resources and to preserve the history of Richwood.

The Local History Room has numerous items on display such as class photos from the local high school, various military medals and busts, a diorama of one of the oldest living blacksmiths in Richwood named Nathan W. Spratt (1851-1942), and a Royal 440 typewriter. The room also houses collections from various organizations that existed in Richwood’s past including the Carpe Diem Club, Claibourne Rebekah Lodge 267, and meeting minutes and accession records of the Richwood Public Library since its official establishment in 1915.

An online catalogue of the Local History Room is available to view here.

Operating Hours: The Local History Room is open when the library is open