Grab & Go

Grab & Go
The library will begin offering a contactless Grab & Go service starting on May 12. Just follow these three easy steps. 

Step #1- Place a Hold
You can select your items & place a hold online at or by phone at (740)943-3054
Step #2- Wait to be Contacted
Library staff will pull your items, prepare them for you, and then call you to let you know they are ready and to schedule pick up. Please allow us 24 hours.
Step #3- Pickup in Lobby
You may pick up your items in the lobby on the date you select between 12-7 pm, M-F. Only one person is permitted in the lobby at a time.

Please keep the following things in mind while participating in Grab & Go:
- The library building will be closed to the public during the time of your pickup.
- Your hold will be available to pick up in the glass lobby of the north entrance. 
- Your item will be in a plastic bag with your name on it. The items will already be checked out to your library account. You do not need to bring your library card.
- Please only enter the lobby area when you can visually confirm that there is no one else in the lobby. If there is someone else in the lobby, please wait outside the building until that person exits the lobby. No more than one person should  be in the lobby at the same time. 
- Only take the bag with your name on it. Please do not take other patron's bags. 
- Exit the lobby area quickly; please do not loiter.
- If you are feeling ill or have a fever, please stay home. The library will hold your request until you are well again. 
- If you have questions about your Grab & Go experience, please return to your car or home and call the library at (740) 943-3054. Staff members are available from 12-7 from Monday - Friday to answer questions or fill requests.

- You may return library materials starting on May 12. 
- Returns MUST be placed in the dropbox only in order to ensure that they are properly sanitized.

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