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Teen Summer Reading Club 2017

Keep track of the time you spend reading this summer and come to the library anytime between June 10 and August 5 to select your prizes!

Sign up: A coupon pack including a free round of golf at Magic Mountain Fun Center
2 Hours: A prize from the prize box
4 Hours: A free 6" sub from Richwood Subway
8 Hours: A day pass to the Marysville YMCA
12 Hours: A free book of your choice
Every 12 Additional Hours: Enter your name in a drawing to win a $25 or $50 gift card

Under Construction
Thursday, June 15- 2:00 pm
Practice your engineering skills by competing in a building challenge. How will you use the items in the Engineering Mystery Bags to invent something new?
Beyond the Library Walls
Wednesday, June 28- 5:00 pm
Let’s get involved through random acts of kindness! As part of The Kindness Rocks project, we will paint stones and place them randomly throughout our community to inspire others.
Upcycle It!
Thursday, July 6- 3:00 pm
Recycling can help save the world! Bring an old t-shirt and we will turn it into a tote bag. Then we’ll visit the local Farmer’s Market, right outside the library, and use our upcycled bags!
It’s the End of the World!
Tuesday, July 18- 11:00 am
Making the world a better place can sometimes go very, very wrong! Watch the entire Divergent Trilogy while snacking on buttery popcorn.
Demolition & Restoration
Friday, August 4- 1:00 pm
Compete in the cardboard challenge! Split into teams and build a fort that will withstand a Nerf Gun war!