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Kids Summer Reading Club 2017

Keep track of the time you spend reading this summer and come to the library anytime between June 10 and August 5 to select your prizes!

Sign up: A coupon pack including a free round of golf at Magic Mountain Fun Center and discount admission to the Ohio State Fair
2 Hours: A prize from the prize box
4 Hours: Free ice cream provided by Coonie's Cones and Cookin'
8 Hours: Free kids meal from the Richwood Subway
12 Hours: A free book of your choice
Every 12 Additional Hours: Enter your name in a drawing to win a $25 or $50 gift card

Kids Programs
Neighborhood Nature
Ages 2-5
Friday, June 16- 11:00 am
What’s outside your window? Discover nature in your neighborhood and beyond!
Build a Better Snack
Ages 6 and Up
Friday, June 16- 12:30 pm
Craving a delicious, healthy snack? Here’s a few you can make by yourself!  

Meet a Tool
Ages 2-5
Friday, June 30- 11:00 am
Are you fascinated with tools? Valerie Plotner, from Plotner Hardware, will show us all her handy dandy favorites! 

Bridges to Everywhere
Ages 6 and Up
Friday, June 30- 12:30 pm
It’s a STEM challenge! Build a bridge strong enough to help you cross the river.
Tower Power
Ages 2-5
Friday, July 14- 11:00 am
Try building a tower out of giant blocks or test your balance on a tightrope. Then escape from Rapunzel’s hair in the wrap-up game. 
On a Roll!
Ages 6 and Up
Friday, July 14- 12:30 pm
Imagine, design, and build the perfect rollercoaster!
Construction Zone
Ages 2-5
​Friday, July 28- 11:00 am
Let’s read “The True Story of the Three Little Pigs” and then construct their houses. We will also have fun destroying structures with a wrecking ball!
Ages 6 and Up
Friday, July 28- 12:30 pm
Bring your favorite fantasy world alive by drawing it onto supersized paper! When you’re finished you can take your map home or display it in the library.

Family Programs- All Ages
Oh, Give Me a Home
Saturday, June 24- 11:00 am
Let’s create our dream homes to display in the library’s lobby! Please bring a shoe box, cereal box, or smaller.
Awesome Aircraft
Saturday, July 8- 11:00 am
Join Russ Crosthwaite, design tester of USAF fighter aircraft, as he presents pieces of structure from actual fighter jets. Learn about mechanical design and try to build the perfect paper jet.
Robot Invasion
Saturday, July 22- 11:00 am
Check out the impressive robot demonstration presented by the award-winning NU Robotics Team. Then try your hand at the controls.
Conserve and Protect
Saturday, August 5- 11:00 am
Our world needs protection! Learn about conservation and recycling from Urban Technician, Aaron Smith. Next, we will practice upcycling in our cardboard creation station.